Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Science Shows Hypnotherapy Helps With Seasonal Changes

Hypnotherapy has long been the subject of interest as the general public further challenges the notions of health care in the past, but the applications of this practice are still widely unexplored. A recent press release from the National Council for Hypnotherapy describes how this treatment is now being used to help those who have trouble making adjustments to seasonal changes, particularly the depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

According to the article, hypnotherapy allows people to subconsciously modify their lifestyle without dealing with undue stress or distress. Symptoms of SAD sometimes begin at the end of the summer months and can progress through the winter, making patients uncomfortable and “not themselves” for a large portion of the year while they are impacted. By using hypnotherapy treatment for this sort of issue, the conscious and unconscious mind work together to achieve the same result without need for medications or other procedures. Millions of people are affected by this to some degree – some without even realizing that they have this depression – and the need for an effective treatment has thrust hypnotherapy into the forefront of the discussion.

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